Thank you so much for your interest in contacting me! First, congratulations on your manuscript as you prepare to bring your work to the world!

Please note that I can not accept unsolicited manuscripts.
Please read the following statement before you send me your work.

As a publishing professional for over twenty years, let me just say that securing representation by a reputable literary agent is not a simple task and requires a great deal of persistence and determination. I usually recommend that authors work with someone in the industry to build a list of at least twenty agents. Where I can be most helpful as you search for an agent is to assist you in crafting an action plan with tips and shortcuts that can save you time and effort.Please tell me a bit more about where you are in the process, so I can determine if I might be the right person to help you! Here are some questions as a starting point:

1. Are you writing fiction or nonfiction or poetry?
2. If you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, what genre are category is your book in?
3. Have you finished a manuscript? If not, where are you in the process?
4. Please send me a short synopsis or query letter with some information about you and your credentials as a writer (500 words max).

Among the services I offer authors include developing and executing strategies for finding your perfect agent or a publisher. I also offer one-on-one phone, Skype and in-person consultations, writing/publishing coaching, manuscript critiques and helping you to make the most basic decision: find an agent or independently publish? And if there is anything else you need to get to that “next chapter” of publishing your book, I can certainly discuss that with you. For the full list of services and topics, please visit my services page. (at)

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  1. Help! Where is your class tomorrow? I have received NO information as to room number and building, no hangtag, nothing but an advisory as to where to park.

    I assumed it was on my registration confirmation, but it is not.

    Please respond promptly — I will need to leave here on or before 7 a.m. to get there by 9.


    Kate Lucchese

    1. Hi, Kate:
      My apologies for the belated reply — I left for Houston on Friday afternoon so I didn’t see your post until today. I had the same problem! I had to call the Glasscock School before I left on Friday because I never received details on the location or room number myself!

      And I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t catch everyone’s names in the class and didn’t see the full roster, so I’m not sure if you made it or not. Please let me know!


  2. Hi Cyndi,

    This is Peter Heyne, one of your former students from the Publishing Path course at Rice. I’d like to buy some consulting time. I will be in Austin on Thursday and Friday of this week. Are you available? Please call my cell number at 713-504-3141. I need some guidance!!! Look forward to visiting with you again.



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