Fees for services vary; some are billed by the project; others may be billed by the hour. The condition of the manuscript also affects the fee. Once a writer decides which service(s) he or she would prefer, I prepare a proposal outlining the scope of work and the fees before beginning any project.

For authors on a budget, we offer a one-hour consultation (either by phone or in person) that provides direction and ideas for how best to move forward.


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  1. Cynthia, I enjoyed your workshop at Rice U. Your presentation was comprehensive and helpful. I’m the fellow who has written a collection of short stories: Inappropriate Touching (and Other Acts of a Dubious Nature). I have been an editor and writer for most of my career and I’m convinced the work is solid, but that’s just me. I’d very much value some professional, objective criticism. Might you be willing to consider me as a client? I’d be happy to send you a sample or two of the stories, to see if you consider the project worth your while. Thanks!

    832-250-8842 (cell)

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