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My 2015 Taaah-DAAAH List

The wise and wonderful Bethany Hegedus inspired me with a Facebook post about taking Julia Cameron’s advice and creating a Ta-Da List instead of To-Do List. It’s the perfect way to reflect on the end of 2015. So, here’s my list. Taaah-DAAAAAH!Eiffel selfie

  1. I landed an amazing new
    job as Director of Philanthropy at one of my favorite organizations, Emancipet, and I’m loving it!
  2. In my ongoing quest to bring my young-adult fantasy series into reality, I mapped out a revision plan for the Book 1, created outlining system for Book 2 (as a perennial pantser, I never thought I could do that!), and started drafting Book 3.
  3. Before leaving my previous job at Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, the two Austin events I coordinated set a fundraising record!
  4. I reconnected with several
    of my high school classmates at the Colby High School reunion in June. Now we’re plotting a x0th reunion for just my class in 2016!
  5. I spent some time with my mother to help her look at moving to Wichita — and she’s now on near the top of the waiting list for a wonderful complex.
  6. Xmas ornamentsI had my first-ever grown-up Christmas tree, thanks to my artist sister Cathy Gordon (see picture
    for a detail and check out her amazing portfolio).
  7. On the home front, my big purchase this year was — drumroll! — a new furnace!
  8. I did a better job of paying attention to my health and wellbeing this year by exercising more regularly (next year, I hope to say “excercising regularly”!), almost catching up on my dental work (one crown to go!), and completing a full annual physical. Clean bill of health!
  9. My nephew Gio came down for SXSW, and we saw 12 bands in three days! I also got to see him again when he came to Austin with my sister Cheryl  and niece Sofie in August.
  10. I made my maiden voyage to Las Vegas in December  to celebrate nephew Chris Gordon’s birthday with the Gordon gang! I lost $14.71 cents but it was Vegas, baby!

So there’s my list for 2015. Now I’m off to write up my Taaah-DAAAH List for 2016 — will report back a year from today.




One thought on “My 2015 Taaah-DAAAH List

  1. Happy New Year’s day, Cyndi. I tend to dwell on stuff I should have done or ought to do (buzzkill) and I really like your idea of celebrating the good things that have happened or that I’ve done. I’m going to go over the past year and think of good things. And there have been a lot of them.

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