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My Virtual BookExpo 2016: Part I

How I wish I could be in the Windy City this week for Book Expo America. Chicago was always one of my favorite sites for BEA. Alas, I have to be content with a virtual visit.

61GcUy5XZWL.SX316So here we go: Nice to see some familiar faces mentioned in today’s PW Show Daily: 


  • Brunonia Barry previewing her new novel, The Fifth Petal (coming in January — cannot wait for that!)
  • Sebastian Junger at the Adult Authors Breakfast with Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging 

And on the news front, there is a lot to unpack in “Is a Flat Royalty Rate Possible?” I fully agree that publishers should up the royalty percentage for authors (currently 25% for a $11.99 ebook?!? Are you kidding me). Yet I’m not sure a flat rate for all book formats is the answer; seems like that would just lead to publishers locking up all possible rights in perpetuity. And don’t get me started on the the comments from two of the publishers on the panel that “author costs have risen by 50% over the past 15 years, driven in part by higher advances.” Well, there’s an easy answer to THAT: Quit shelling out outrageous advances to minor celebrities to “write” a book. Most of the authors I know would love to be the victim of higher advances!

Thoughts? Weigh in on the comments below!



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